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This on-line course is designed for dental professionals interested in placing or restoring small diameter dental implants…and will guide you through the concept, prosthetic capabilities, and applications of those implants.  It highlights the surgical and restorative protocols using the implants to stabilize lower dentures…and includes instructions for retro-fitting the dentures with female retentive components. The presentation also provides a brief overview of the fixed prosthetic capabilities of the selected systems. All of this information will be graphically imparted to you. You can stop, pause, rewind and review the material as many times as you wish. A downloadable workbook and lesson review is also part of the course.

Your guide and personal educator will be Dr. Robert Miller, Chairman of the Department of Oral Implantology, Atlantic Coast Dental Research Clinic and Director of The Center for Advanced Aesthetic and Implant Dentistry.Dr. Miller also serves as a Clinical Innovations Beta Tester for dental implant related products for Intra-Lock International, inc.

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DDSonline™ Workshops

The Essentials of Small Diamdeter Implants:
A Comprehensive Workshop

This workshop features a comprehensive overview of the scientific aspects and clinical applications of small diameter implants. Numerous topics; from treatment planning to clinical procedures will be discussed. Placement techniques and management of the fi nal prosthesis is conducted during the "hands-on" session of the workshop. Special emphasis is placed upon lower denture stabilization. System components, instrumentation, patient education materials and marketing resources are available for examination. The program is appropriate for those practitioners who are interested in adding mini implant systems to their range of treatment modalities and for those already placing these implants.

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    Boca Raton, Florida L-PRF Workshop
    Technique Overview to Clinical Applications

    Small Diameter Implant Workshop

    The FlatOne® Abutment Program and Seminar