Commercialism Questionnaire

1. Are you or any member of your immediate family currently employed either full time or part time by a dental manufacturer or any organization that sells or distributes dental products?
2. Do you or any member of your immediate family receive any support or remuneration from any dental manufacturer?
3. Have you or any member of your immediate family been associated in any way or received support at any time from a dental manufacturer?
4. Is any organization or manufacturer supplying you with any remuneration, product or equipment in consideration for your presentation for DDS-Online?
5. Do you endorse any particular products, manufacturers, laboratories or dental suppliers in the context of your presentation?
6. Is any organization, manufacturer or dental group supplying you with any expense money for this presentation other than DDS-Online?

Guidelines of DDS Online Regarding Commercial Support/Conflict of Interest:

Authors/Instructors should note the following policies of DDS Online, Inc.:

Authors/Instructors shall avoid recommending or mentioning any specific product by its trade name. When reference is made to a specific product by it's trade name, reference shall also be made to competitive products as well.

Program topic selection shall be based upon the perceived need for professional education and not for the purpose of endorsing specific commercial drugs, products treatments or services.

Funds received from any commercial sources in support of any DDS Online educational programs shall be unrestricted in that DDS Online shall retain exclusive rights regarding the selection of faculty, instructional materials, program content, etc.

Any or all commercial support received shall be clearly acknowledged in writing in program announcements, brochures, etc.

Commercial support shall be limited to: the payment of reasonable honorarium; reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses for faculty; the payment of the cost of modest meals or social events held as part of an educational activity and; documentation of fund expenditures for specific programs shall be maintained both by DDS Online and any commercial sources of said funds; each shall render a report to the other regarding such expenditures.

It is the stated policy of DDS Online, Inc. that all authors/instructors of courses provided by DDS Online, Inc. shall make full and thorough disclosure about any links or associations that they might have with manufacturers of dental products mentioned directly or alluded to within their presentation. Furthermore, it is essential that each author/instructor demonstrate that the educational activity that he or she is presenting for DDS Online is totally independent of any direct or indirect commercial influence. Any author/instructor who has any commercial affiliations which might even remotely influence his or her presentation must fully disclose those relationships to DDS Online and the audience of the presentation/article.